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Personal Power and Spirituality

One of my favorite strategies which I use to help my 7-year-old concentrate is placing a piece of paper in front of his work, with two pictures: one of a train on track, the other of a train heading off track (this gem of an intervention was taught to us by our wonderful speech therapist).

In case you have little ones who may benefit, here it is:

I don’t know about you, but I can relate to this analogy as a way of supporting myself to stay on my SPIRITUAL track…

What does spirituality mean?

In the past two weeks Church’s reflections focused on the theme of enduring/remaining in God’s love (“remain in my love” J 15 -17). Whether describing this foundation through the metaphor of the vine and the branches, or the budding vs barren fig tree, this fundamental concept of Christian spirituality is emphasized 8! times in the above passage, and numerously more throughout the scriptures of Saint John (we’re talking several dozen times!).

Using this analogy, Spirituality is our internal pull towards uniting with the source of goodness, love, and light... ("as I remain in my Father's love") which within Christianity is THE foundation for spiritual wellness.

Here are some strategies for nurturing this foundation and staying on spiritual track:

1. Start the day with a focus on the reality that matters to you most:

Here is a prayer intention that my children start their day with. It includes expressing gratitude for the day to come, opening their mindset to the possibilities, potential, goodness, blessings, and growth that the day will bring…

2. Keep re-centering in the present moment

Training the brain to focus on the here and now, unclouded by concerns about the future or past emotional patterns helps us to experience the present moment with greater clarity (unbiased by ideas about what can go wrong, or limited by past constructs), as well as being alert to noticing the movement of inspiration that touches our day…

3. Celebrating Growth

Finally, spirituality, for me, also means feeling excited about growth: whether my own, my children’s, or clients’; and applying daily reflection to my inner experience, especially being mindful of the qualities I would like to bring forth and develop within my own being, so I can better serve those around me…

Today, I am celebrating the stirring of inspiration in our lives, through a free download of “Sacred Solitude Journal,” with a special thank you for being a part of this online community journey, and in the hope that it will stir ripple effects of even greater inspiration in your life!

With love,


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