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Mindfulness Through The Eyes Of Faith

Mustard-seed Faith

A mustard seed, not even 2 mm long, was amongst the smallest seeds in the Palestine region at the time (of Jesus’ teaching), however, it grew into a tree strong enough to shelter nesting birds (who clearly felt safe in making it their nesting ground), nearly 4m tall!

The key themes of the mustard seed parable are faith and growth.

We are mustard seeds–on our unique journeys of unfolding; every one of us with a unique growth potential.

Are we anchoring our perceptions, thoughts, and attitudes on this important theme within Christian spirituality–enough?

Let's contrast the different emotional pathways our perspectives can lead us along, depending on what we anchor them in: worldly media, ego, or mustard-seed faith

Through the eyes of the world

Our computer screens and telephones are usually always within our reach, inviting us to check our messages or news updates, and glimpse the world through the eyes of the media.

While at times uplifting, we can often find ourselves taking on board the more frequently triggering perspectives of what can go wrong, of potential dangers lurking all around us; leaving us feeling fragile and insecure. The triggered anxieties can take our attention away from our being, and lead us to experience mild depression (research suggests that excessive tv viewing decreases life satisfaction)…

Through the eyes of the ego

Through the eyes of our ego, we can become attuned to the differences between us, the us and the them, attuned to how others’ may be perceiving us. We may find ourselves comparing ourselves to others, judging, taking up a hierarchical world view. If we excessively identify with our ego, to the detriment of our higher values, we may experience insecurities, the eroding of our self esteem and our sense of worth.

Finally, what is the view like through the eyes of faith?

The mustard seed parable invites us to celebrate our potential and growth, for which there is no minimal pre-requirement and no limiting glass ceiling.

Through the eyes of faith, currents of light and love nourish our uniqueness, as, we too, can become for someone a strong branch where they can experience support and strength.

Through the eyes of faith, we strive to be a light that radiates the beauty of our values, bearing fruits of goodness, gratitude, love, and hope.

Your mission should you chose to accept it?

Take a moment to put together an affirmation, one that could support you in staying grounded in seeing the world through the eyes of faith…

Here is a very simple one that I currently use:

I remain in gratitude and trust…

To your endless potential,

With love,


Through the eyes of the world,

The weepy, frightful screens,

There’s frailty and danger,

And wars for domination.

Through the eyes of the ego,

There’s you and there’s I,

There’s shame and there’s esteem,

There’s playing to win.

But, through the eyes of faith,

Flowers sprout in God’s son,

And there is naught that’s too small

That can’t bear fruit and rise;

There’s goodness and blessings,

And rainbows and hope

There’s waking with grateful hearts

And faith-filled surrendering to Love.

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