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Personal Power, A Christian Reflection

What is "Personal Power?"

Personal power is our belief in being able to influence the outcomes and choices in our life; as well as our ways of seeing the world, thinking and decision making.

The Personal Power of Jesus

Imagine what would have happened if Jesus strayed from fulfilling the purpose he came to Earth to fulfill; if He got caught up in others' expectations of Him, or was overly preoccupied with whether or not He had people's (including Pharisee's) approval...

Luckily He didn't! He kept His lifetime’s focus on His calling, as well as on His direct communion with Heavenly Father.

The New Testament invites us to follow in His footsteps, also keeping the focus of our awareness on our lives’ unique purposes, and our relationship with our Father...

This message may be especially significant for women, many of whom continue to be impacted by the historic legacy of being less encouraged to pursue self-development outside of their caring roles!

Here are some questions you may like to reflect on, to support you in nourishing your connection with yourself, and clarifying what is important for you right now:

  • What values are most dear to your heart?

  • What keeps you going, even if times are tough? What is the "why" behind the bulk of your effort?

  • What qualities would you like to radiate?

  • What makes you unique? What is your unique way of adding value to the world?

  • What gives you energy and makes your heart sing?

  • What goals are important to you, right now?

Remember, you can only add value to the world if you embrace and express the uniqueness of your being: your experiences, talents, values, and dreams!

With Love,


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