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Elsa's Personal Power Lesson - Spoiler Alert

If you haven't seen Frozen 2 yet, my two little Elsa and Ana fans and I highly recommend it!

One of our favorite scenes from Frozen 2 is Elsa signing the "Show Yourself" song, as she explores the depths of the Ahtohallan ice-berg. It expresses her realization that the person she was waiting for all of her life, was really herself!

We love the image at the start of this song, of Elsa riding towards Ahtohallan on the water-spirit horse, courageously, into the unknown...

I cannot help comparing the image of Elsa, as she purposefully steers towards the direction of her purpose and calling (despite initially trembling with fear) to the Freudian analogy of Ego the rider (our present-moment reality) riding (commanding) Id the horse (our triggers and instinctual urges).

What gives us goosebumps and deeply resonates with most us is Elsa’s choice to purposefully journey beyond her zone of discomfort: the fear of the unknown (which she beautifully sang about in the hit "Into the Unknown”) .

Just like is the case for Elsa, one of the most powerful mindset shifts that brings us closer to achieving our goals and showing up as we desire, is our purposefully choosing the direction of our next step, either in response to a circumstance, or in the context of pursuing our goals, even before our challenging feelings dissipate.

Our negative emotions are supposed to linger! They are easily triggered, accessible, their job has always been to increase our chances of survival and protect us from danger. Hence, they frequently “visit,” to alert us about what can go “wrong.”

What we need is to welcome them with awareness and compassion, while striving to also tap into our inner Elsa, the awareness that (after graciously receiving their various messages and responding to them with present-focused wisdom and reassurance) is willing to venture beyond the security of the comfort zone, into the “unknown…!”

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