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Becoming an Over-comer

It was sunny and warm this weekend in Sydney, and I enjoyed a laid-back play-date with my little one’s best friend’s mum and dad. I took the opportunity to ask this lovely couple, Rudy and Kerry, a question that I am currently obsessing about (yes, I am in the process of designing the course of my dreams around it) and asking every man and his mother…

What do they feel are their greatest barriers to inner peace and confidence?

While indulging me in a most insightful discussion, Rudy kept dropping a word (and what author doesn't love discovering new words!) that I instantly feel in love with - Over-comer

Who is an “Over-comer?”

According to Google, it is a person who overcomes somethingone who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty”

Proverbs 24:16 - For a just [man] falleth seven times, and riseth up again…

The word “over-comer,” for me, brought to mind the way our bodies, minds, and souls, are perfectly designed for optimal resilience! We are divinely engineered to be over-comers!

Consider the healing processes within your body. When your skin gets cut there is an instant reduction in blood flow to the wound; then your body forms a protective covering to protect the wound from getting infected, while it regenerates.

On an emotional level, consider the habituation process within your brain. Habituation refers to a process where your neurotransmitters decrease firing to the same stimulus, to protect you from getting overstimulated, also freeing your attention to notice new stimuli around you!

Being an over-comer clearly increases your longevity and, evolutionary speaking, increases your chances of survival. For me, however, there is another reason WHY being an over-comer is so important!

It is embedded in these inspirational words by John Paul II:

Love for man is the desire for true good for everyone. It is a concern to safeguard this good and to remove all forms of harm and injustice... John Paul II

I believe that becoming an ever-increasingly competent over-comer makes us resilient against injustices and those interactions where someone is not showing up from a place of mutual consideration or kindness. Being an over-comer empowers us to take power away from anything that does not resonate with the spirit of light and love, helping to make the world a better place!

In the next few weeks I look forward to be sending your way more suggestions on how to become an even stronger over-comer, I hope they will be a blessing!

With love,


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