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Overcome People-Pleasing Tendencies and Gain Confidence

Mindful Journaling Online Journey for Women,


with Psychologist Bozena Zawisz.

Say goodbye to:

  • Feeling ‘held back’ by a lingering experience of “not enough” or by others’ opinions;

  • Comparing yourself to others,

  • Excessive anxiety,

  • Overthinking,

  • Self-doubts,



  • Put your self at the front and center of your life and redefine how you relate to others,

  • Reveal more of who you are to your loved ones and the world,

  • Show up with authenticity with your best you,

  • Embrace a more nourishing and confident mindset,

  • Go through course content (videos, mindful journaling workbooks, and meditations) in the privacy of your home, on your terms and time schedule.

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Perhaps your childhood (or another part of your life) was not the best. Perhaps you strove to create the relationship/friendship/family that you didn’t get to experience (and picked up many expectations from romance novels and rom coms about how that should look like).

Perhaps you felt that if you gave relationships your 100% and attended to people’s every need you will surely be rewarded with admiration, respect, and so much love.


Did life turn out like the fairy tale of your expectations? Whether because of circumstances beyond your control (life happened) or because the philosophy of pleasing did not quite work out the way you hoped… instead of creating more love, “people pleasing” tendencies created more frustration and hurt, even chipped away at your confidence...


However, I know that deep inside, you sense your value and worth.


The people-pleasing to confidence journey begins with the first step of deciding that it is time to put your self front and centre, so your loved ones and the world can see more of who you are…


The greatest love story, the one you could have with yourself, is not founded in comparing yourself with others or in letting others’ opinions impact your experience of worth and undermine your confidence. It is a foundation of worth, acceptance, care, and kindness that you were always looking for… right here within.

What Clients Say

"Thank you Bozena for helping me on my journey with the tools I am now armed with for positive changes and re-newal."
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