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Bozena is a Multi Award-Winning Author/Counseling Psychologist, helping women who are held back by fluctuating bouts of feeling "not enough"/"less than," to consistently create greater self-love and personal power in their lives... 


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My Calling...

             My name is Bozena, I live in Sydney with hubby Fred and our two cheeky monkeys; and cherish every (okay, majority…) of moments being a busy mum…

             I'm a work-from-home Counseling Psychologist, obsessed with women’s role in society. In 2017 I authored "Liberating Inner Eve," which amongst others won the Readers' Favorite Gold Award in Biblical Counseling Genre. It is now traditionally re-published with Wipf and Stock Publishers (another life’s goal off my to-do-list, YES!).

             As the title suggests, my greatest passion/calling/obsession in life, outside of motherhood and nourishing my marriage, is helping women who feel held back by an experience of “not enough/less than” to tap into boundless self-love and personal power.

             Once upon a time, I was intimately familiar with the experience of feeling “less-than,” due to a combination of numerous financial and emotional tolls that ours, like so many immigrant families, faced upon arrival to Australia (and that's just the start).


             My favorite coping used to be placating, putting too much weight on what others thought and felt, and not enough on my own inner experience and self-development (p.s. however, everyone used to like me a looot back then!).


             Now, a fully recovered “placator” (just ask my husband, who is still shaking his head about what happened to Bozenka?) I now ABSOLUTELY LOVE coaching others to take their levels of self-love and personal power to new heights!


With Love,


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