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How does a Young Person diagnosed with Autism relates to the world?

       At the time of my child's diagnosis, I had a basic understanding of what the signs of Autism looked like, but little insight into their neurological and psychological underpinnings to help me empathize with how my son related to the world. 

       It was also a time when I felt mentally "burned-out," finding it difficult to absorb and  sift through the numerous research findings and information about this diagnosis. 

       Many years later, as a result of a gradual process of (much) personal and professional learning, the Autism jigsaw has finally come together for me.

     "How does a young person diagnosed with Autism relate to the world? An easy to understand guide for carers, therapists, and teachers" is a guide I would have loved to received at the time of my son's diagnosis; to help me understand beyond the description of Autism symptoms, to the research-based reasons for why my son is relating to the world in his unique way.

      Despite the reported high prevalence of Autism (approximately 1 in 70 according to many sources) children with this diagnosis can be vulnerable to being judged by mainstream standards, as opposed to being supported through efforts to understand their unique ways of learning and relating to their peers and environment.

        I hope that "How does a young person diagnosed with Autism relates to the world? An easy to understand guide for carers, therapists, and teachers" will contribute to more discussions/reflections around this topic, more understanding and less judgment; making the world a more supportive place for individuals with this diagnosis, and their loved ones!


“...I truly enjoyed reading it. I liked the way the information is presented, and I also think that the author knows what she is talking about. The perspective of this book, from that of the child helps me a lot in understanding how they perceive the world around them and how intimidating everyday things can be. Very good book..."

—Amazon Reviewer

“Perfect for anyone who has to deal with autistic children or adults and learn how they view the world, patterns of behavior, or stress triggers... The way she writes also helps demystify some behaviors and, certainly, sheds light and hope...

—Amazon Reviewer

“...The book explains autism in simple words and terms that could be easily shared with a child. Today when a child sees an autistic person and wants to know more about him or her, then parents could have difficulty in answering their queries due to limited knowledge and not having the right words for explanation. The book is meant for such parents to help their children understand autistic persons and build empathy for them....

—Amazon Reviewer

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