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Country Awakening

a love story about rediscovered self-worth...

Romance in Poland...

All she longed for was a home and a man's commitment...

Annie immigrated to Sydney with her family, at a young age. Her parents' hope for a better future did not eventuate as planned... Despite being successful professionals in their home country (Poland), upon their arrival to Australia her parents struggled to find work; while years of hardship and stress took their toll on her family's mental health...

Annie looked to her dreams of a happy marriage to escape from her family's trauma, waiting for her "knight in shining armor" to rescue her...

Torn between her heart-felt appreciation of her new homeland and her nostalgia for her motherland, battling with moments of questioning her worth...

Will her heart's desires eventuate? Is the handsome Lee she accidentally meets, strong enough to accept her misfortunes and offer to her a life-long commitment?

"Country Awakening; A Love Story About Rediscovered Self-Worth (A Contemporary Christian Country Romance)" is a spiritual and psychological romantic journey set in a small village in Southern Poland and urban Sydney; through the stings of fate's tragedies to the fullness of love.



Readers' Favorite

"...Country Awakening by Bozena Zawisz is an emotional book that touches on Polish history. I enjoyed the depth of the story. It is tragic but still hopeful and would be a great read for any romance fan." 

Readers' Favorite Book Review



"... this novel will be in my heart forever... As soon as I started reading it, I was hooked by the remarkable writing style of the author. I couldn’t stop reading it..." 

Amazon Review



"...Beautifully written with sensitivity, it is the story of a young woman struggling to find herself... Heart rending and beautiful..." 

Amazon Review

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