Wellbeing Backpack - Guided Meditation

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Taking responsibility for our inner experience and mindset are essential to our experience of personal power.

Our feelings have a strong physical component and taking purposeful action to induce a calm, supportive attitude towards our mind and body is a foundation for our coping!

Slowing down our breathing is the key that reverses the fight and flight reaction in our body. This helps us to, so to speak, redirect the neurochemical traffic in our brain away from triggers relating to our past learning; and ground our body in the present moment, making it easier to problem solve alternative ways of thinking and coping (not to mention experience the physical benefits of improving the functioning of every system in our body!)

The below "Wellbeing Backpack" Guided Meditation includes a breathing exercise to calm the body and a visualization that addresses four key themes that support personal power.

Enjoy a moment of inner peace, and feel good about taking time to practice some positive, purposeful coping; your emotional system will thank you!

WIth love,


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