The Power of Reading Your Own Story

Each of us is in a continual inner dialogue with his or her own self.

Whatever the circumstances are that we meet during the day, they are always accompanied by the stories we tell ourselves about them.

Unconsciously, we are continually in the process of creating stories about our experiences, whether we are aware of this or not.

Sometimes we are aware of our stories and share them with others. At other times, the stories we say to ourselves remain outside of our awareness, taken for granted as painful “truths” that we either avoid, or find ourselves dwelling on...

Our stories are not created in a vacuum. There are social influences that shape the constructs in our head. I remember losing a part of myself as a young adult, to social influences that shaped the story I was living at the time, without much awareness. I remember focusing too much of my energy on makeup and appearance, buying into limiting social expectations.

There are also interpersonal influences that affect our stories, such as the messages, expectations, and opinions that we internalized from others along our life’s journey.

Narrative psychology states that our life expresses itself through stories.

Our stories can come from a place of insecurity, or strength. They can revolve around past pain-points, or future possibilities.

We can allow them to mindlessly repeat themselves on auto-pilot, or we can make a choice to become aware of them and the way we internalize past events. We CAN take control of how we shape what we say to ourselves, looking to the future.

The first step is awareness. Consider asking yourself: What is my most pivotal goal totay? What do I tell myself about my journey towards it? What tends to occupy my attention?

Take time to acknowledge your knee-jerk, honest thoughts…

Consider whether you can bring to mind alternative possibilities/stories, that spring forth from a place of strength, support, the image of your future self that you are in the process of evolving into…

You can rewrite the story you are saying to yourself any time, and internalize those possibilities that influence your emotional experiences in the most empowering ways!

Stay mindful of how your automatic and purposeful stories make you feel.

And finally, make a note to remind yourself often of those of your stories that make the greatest impact on you and your life's purpose! The more you repeat your empowering thoughts on purpose, the more accessible they will become for you...

With Love,