Taking Charge of Your Energy: A Mindful Relaxation Challenge

I am a part of (what I like to refer to) a “mixed” family— some of us are on the (what used to be known as) Asperger continuum, while others are neuro-typical. We are literally coping with communication between unique neurological systems!

Conflict, differences in perspectives, are inevitable and frequent; so taking responsibility for regulating our levels of energy, so we can each ground ourselves in inner peace, inspiration, and kindness—is a huge theme within my household!

In times of conflict, we are all vulnerable to having old emotional patterns triggered. We may feel like a victim, feeling as if someone else’s comments/opinions/world view cause us to feel a certain way. This can feel dis-empowering, as if we are getting further away from our sense of control and our point of reference.

Personal Power is all about changing the victim mentality, and taking back control over our levels of energy and mindset.

Relaxations and Mindfulness

Our favorite coping techniques for keeping our family life reasonably peace-filled are making use of relaxations and mindfulness.

Both are intrinsically connected and support one another.

A relaxed state of body and mind helps us to refocus on the here and now, access positive feelings, and supportive thoughts. A relaxed state of body and mind helps us to notice the things we are grateful for easier. And, surpasses thinking from the point of reference of the ego, so that our thinking is more expansive, and includes also considering the well-being of our family unit, or community, even our relationship with God.

Personal power is all about taking charge of our energy.

This comes to mind my last weekend—I went to the park with my dad and two children and had a full-on adventure, filled with exploration, non-stop physical challenges, and demands on my attention.

I was blessed to have this time of connection, as well as my dad’s company; and when a moment of fatigue kicked in, I took the opportunity (literally escaped) to go on a short bike ride, in one of my all time favorite parks with impressive giant trees and endless meadows.

I replenished my energy with a short moment of solitude and a connection with the earth. In that moment I also thought about you, my much appreciated online community, wanting to somehow share this moment with you and encourage you to also make time to relax and replenish! The attached relaxation challenge is the result... I hope it will support you to re-balance your energy and mindset. The relaxation exercise is less than 5minutes long, and is followed by some beautiful relaxation music. Have a blessed week,



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