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Play Connection (June Newsletter)

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

This week I wanted to share with you my favorite quote about play, and how it relates to one of our most important experiences as parents: that of connection between ourselves and our children. Many a time, we may not be the greatest fans of our kids’ beloved (or at times obsessive) interests. At times, we may feel like shaking our head over trying to get them interested in “healthier” alternatives, or trying to hijack their attention to a conversation about how they are feeling and what they’ve learned at school…

Yet, the above quote reminds us about the importance of presence, which means just “being” with another person’s experience while responding to it with attention, sensitivity, and empathy. Presence feels soothing, comforting, safe… It is a foundation for relationship security and self-esteem. Furthermore, according to Professor Siegel, practicing “presence” (the being in the present moment and connecting to the here-and-now experience through the senses) has a direct correlation to the experience of happiness; as well as releases hormone teleremase, an enzyme that helps protects the cap of our neurons. Hence, consider the value of joining in with whatever wholesome interests our young people have, deepening their trust in the security of relationships and the experience of “presence.” Especially for young persons on the spectrum, who face their unique challenges in learning to relate to their peers and focus, play is an essential resource in supporting them to wind down and re-connect after a busy day. So, whether its hand ball, ripping bey blades, or playing house, consider looking for opportunities to make use of whatever is of interest for your little ones as a starting point for connection and strengthening “presence”… Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about this topic, To your wellbeing, Bozena

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