Personal Power in the Season of Advent

Last Sunday was the third Sunday of Advent.

The excitement of the approaching Christmas day matched its uplifting theme of JOY, as we contemplated the presence of God in our lives…

“I bring you good news of great joy, which will be for all the people” Luke 2:10

John the Baptist, one of our spiritual guides through the season of Advent, is an example of a spiritual leader who exuded joy and personal power.

What was the source of his profound inner strength and fulfillment?

We know that it wasn't anything of value that he received from the world; he wore makeshift garments and "his food was locusts and wild honey.”

In J 1, 6-8, John stated (three times) exactly what he wasn’t, then affirmed who he was.

He demonstrated much clarity about who he was and his life’s purpose.

His spiritual teaching, so different from the popular superstitions and prevailing myths of the time, was grounded in concrete events, facts, and the search for personal truth…

We, too, can follow in John’s footsteps, finding much strength and confidence from reflecting about our life’s purpose and about who we are and are not, including through the lens of our spirituality…

Modeling his courage to look reality in the face as we apply ourselves to working on transforming our hearts and minds… helps us to build a foundation of personal power and joy also in our lives!

Wishing you many moments of joy as the Christmas countdown begins,



Inspired by the sermons of Father Anthony, Polish Community Fairfield

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