Mindful coping through COVID

We cannot relate to a new situation with an old mindset.

Einstein's words of wisdom seem particularly relevant to today’s times, especially when it comes to coping with the challenges of COVID: changes to work and leisure arrangements, the contagion of what seems to be a collective apprehension—these are sure to trigger a kaleidoscope of reactions within us and our loved ones.

At such challenging times (that require so many adjustments) a psychological ‘shake-up’ and regrouping of our priorities and focus may help.

What is the most important priority for you (to focus on) right now?

Circumstances fraught with changes and adjustments are definitely not times to pile on additional demands and expectations (e.g. worrying about how clean our home is), but rather invite us to prioritize one anther's well-being; especially our own (since our own experience of inner peace will ripple throughout our families).

Self-care strategies around tolerating ‘additional’ stress

We cannot relate to a new situation with an old mindset.

If a temporary challenge requires that we and our loved ones tolerate an increase in changes and adjustments, staying mindful of whatever can support us in helping to regulate our inner experience and the activity of our nervous system, is essential!

There is no one-fit all prescription for this, as each of us is so unique (e.g. something that I personally find very helpful is to increase the time I dedicate to journaling, making an even greater effort to be aware of the blessings and support around me).

Cultivating mindfulness reminds us to approach each moment without judgement, with much compassion and continual openness to the possibilities, goodness, beauty, and strength that can unfold within us…

In one of my all time favorite meditations, John Kabat-Zin likens us to a mountain, which stays grounded in the midst of change, like the still center of a tornado.

How does your center of inner-being look like? Can you express it in a drawing? (or in another way?)

What remains the same for you, even in the midst of change? Your awareness, worth, values, intentions, faith?

Through journaling I go back, over and again, to those inner places that are untouched by challenges, threats, even stress; that keep re-connecting me to the sacred center of inner calm, love, hope, and faith…

With best wishes for many ripples of inner calm, joy, and love throughout the week.



(A cubby-house moment with my oldest, Nicholas)

Another reason to smile, 4 weeks to go till my upcoming masterclass, everyone's welcome :-)

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