Patience Or Perseverance?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Many people may associate the word “patience” with passivity.

When we think of the concept “patience” we may imagine a passive individual who waits for something external to manifest in his or her life, such as a return of a sweetheart or a change of behavior in a spouse.

My impression of the word "patience" is that it refers more to a state of mind (not at all passive) which aims to “sit with” challenges, without reacting in a rash, thoughtless manner. This state of mind strives to keep our connection with our inner peace and faith, even when we are surrounded by challenges…

But, a patient state of mind doesn’t negative our chirping away at obstacles in the pursuit of our goals.

Perseverance seems to have a comparable meaning, but a more behavioral accent, implying a choice to keep going with a particular goal/belief, even in the face of obstacles (without making an overt implication as to our accompanying state of mind).

Together they make powerful companions on our journey of personal growth.

With best wishes for plenty of both!,


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