A Celebration Of Vulnerability

This Year I am Celebrating Vulnerability.

One of my favorite things about Christmas 2018 is spending it with my loved ones, but especially my little ones.

Outside of the usual stress of managing their behavior through the church service :-); like all children, they light up the room with their presence–there just seem to be more spontaneous smiles and laughter whenever they're around.

This makes me particularly appreciative of the symbolism of baby Jesus as the vulnerable, defenseless God, who through his vulnerability longs to make an opening in our boundaries and defenses, to touch our hearts and help us become more receptive to him.

This year I am particularly aware that for me, it is the moments of connecting with one another and God in openness and vulnerability that are my most beautiful Christmas moments.

"If zeal had been appropriate for putting humanity right, why did God the Word clothe himself in the body, using gentleness and humility in order to bring the world back to his Father?"

Isaac of Nineveh

With my warmest Christmas wishes...

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