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Inside the "No More Feeling Less Than" Mindful Transformation Course

with Counseling Psychologist and Award-Winning Author, Bozena Zawisz MA

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • ​Does your confidence seem to fluctuate with bouts of feeling "less-than/ not enough?"

  • Do you at times feel anxious and down?

  • ​Do you put too much weight on/feel affected by what people think?

  • ​Do you find yourself harassed by inappropriate guilt?

  • ​Are you ready to reach new heights of confidence/Godfidence and self-love?

  • ​Are you interested in an effective, time-saving, research-based approach?

About Me...

In my time away from being a busy mum of two boys (John-Paul and Nicholas), I am a  Counseling Psychologist (MA Psych, Post Grad Dip Psych, Post Grad Cert Peace and Conflict Studies) with over two decades of counseling experience.

I work casually in my Sydney-based private practice and I am obsessed with women’s role in society.

I'm the author of  "Liberating Inner Eve," Readers' Favorite Gold Award Winner in Biblical Counseling Genre.



My Feeling "Less-Than" Story...

         Once upon a time, I was intimately familiar with the experience of feeling “less-than,” due to a combination of numerous financial and emotional tolls that ours, like so many immigrant families, faced upon arrival to Australia (and that's just the start). 


           My favorite coping used to be placating, putting too much weight on what others thought and felt, and not enough on my own inner experience, physical and emotional boundaries, and self-development (p.s. however, everyone used to like me a looot back then!).


              Now, a fully recovered “placator” (just ask my husband, who is still shaking his head about what happened?) I now ABSOLUTELY LOVE coaching others to take their levels of self-love and confidence/Godfidence to new heights!"


With Love, 



Exclusive 30-day email support

  • "Less-Than" vs Empowerment/Confidence/Growth mindsets; and how to stay in control of which one you tap into

  • Effective strategies to transform toxic beliefs and perceptions

  • How to cope with emotions and circumstances (including others' expectations) in an empowering way that nourishes wellbeing/confidence/personal growth

  • How to transform inappropriate guilt

  • How to nurture the best of your inner brilliance/self-love

  • Research-based, time saving interventions

Inside  the "No More Feeling Less Than"

Mindful Transformation Course, Learn About:

Bonus support materials:

  • Pdf work-books

  • Videos

  • Tailor-made guided relaxations

Bozena is a Multi Award-Winning Author/Counseling Psychologist, helping Christian women to consistently create greater self-esteem, self-love, and personal power in their lives...

In addition, she writes within the Christian Fiction Inspirational Genre and specializes in ASD resources for children.

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