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Overcome People-Pleasing Tendencies and Gain Confidence

Mindful Journaling Online Journey for Women


with Psychologist Bozena Zawisz (About Me).

  • Find out  which one of the 4 communication styles: People Pleasing potential, Escapism potential, Finding Fault potential, Personal Power potential (inspired by Virginia Satir's family therapy model)  you most resonate with.
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  • Your result includes a video summarizing  the strengths and future growth directions for your communication pattern.
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In this 15min guided visualization, inspired by Virginia Satir's Self-Esteem Kit, I will equip you with 4 items that represent the various aspects of Mindfulness Practice that are essential for nourishing self-worth and confidence. 


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My Channel

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What Clients Say

"Thank you Bozena for helping me on my journey with the tools I am now armed with for positive changes and re-newal."
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